Indian Chapati Tortilla Bread Line

Tortilla Bread (Flat Bread) Line

It is a fully automatic production line for the flat breads. Flat breads are such as Tortilla, Lavash & Naan. It is a complete automatic line available in different sizes and production capacities. It can produce a range between 1500 Loaves up to 3000 Loaves per hour with a diameter between 15 cm to 38 cm. It is adopted by fast food restaurants and bakeries. Space needed for line installation varies from 60-100 m².

The line is composed of the following:

  1. Dough Divider
  2. Primary Proofer
  3. Dough Flattener
  4. Feeding Belt
  5. 3-Layer Baking Oven
  6. Cooling Conveyor

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