Company’s Profile

Since the year 1981, National over Mediterranean Est. (NME) has started with the field of manufacturing Bakery Equipment. Mr. Rida Mahmoud Rida, founder and General Manager of NME, possessed 2 small warehouses (shops) in the early 80’s where he began his journey. Back then everything was so different; he used to manufacture simple machines and sell to the local market.

Over several successful years of sales & experience and the ever-increasing modern manufacturing demands, Mr. Rida has developed his industry to reach the Full Automatic System aiming at producing the special Lebanese Bread loaf. With the continuous demand on our products, it was necessary to shift to a larger facility; as a result, NME owned a large building in the Industrial city of the Capital (Beirut) and near to the main airport with a total area up to 3,200 sq. meters. The rapid growth of our company drove us to adopt the slogan of “Your Bread… Our Specialty…”

After that, NME established a representative office and showroom of bakery equipment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where it’s managed by Mr. Rida’s brother. In addition to that, NME has also appointed several agents and offices in Egypt and Gulf regions to provide its services and to fulfill the customer needs.

Our Philosophy

Making Ultimate Bakery Machines

A philosophy that pushes us to give birth to new concepts in the bakery field so these ideas would flourish and turn into new products that meet the baker dream and thus, reshaping his bread manufacturing from a humble craft to a modern shape industry.

A philosophy that made us capable to offer a peerless range of customized machines with solutions to pita & flatbread production.