Eat Healthy

Tannour Bread lines are the new trend! Eating Tannour is the best way to stop counting calories! Highly known for its dietary and healthy ingredients, it grew to become the main requirement for weight-loss programs. SUGAR FREE and GLUTEN FREE, and full of nourishing elements. Here comes the fully Automatic Line for making healthy

Supplying thousands of pita projects worldwide

Leading Manufacturer of Lebanese Pita bread automatic lines Since 1985 Fully Automatic line for producing the Arabic Lebanese Bread It can be a single, double, triple, and quadruple output to satisfy any customer need concerning both productive capacity and size. It can produce a range between 500 Loaves up to 20000 Loaves per hour with

Let’s Discover Lavash!

Lavash is a delicious unleavened flatbread traditionally baked in a tandoor, common to many countries and regions such as Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, and the whole Middle East, one of the most widespread in the whole Transcaucasus, West Asia and the countries surrounding the Caspian Sea.

Industrial Tortilla Bread Lines

It is a full automatic production line for the flat breads. Flat breads are such as Tortilla, Lavash and Naan. It is a complete automatic line available in different sizes and production capacities.